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Hive and the Honeybee Collection

  1. Cornell:930 (Ockham)
  2. 5042155 (Voyager)

  1. Hive and the Honeybee Collection

  1. Selections from the E.F. Phillips Beekeeping Collection at Mann Library
  2. Phillips online beekeeping collection

  1. The Hive and the Honeybee consists of the full text of thirty books from the E. Franklin Phillips Beekeeping Collection, chosen by a team of scholars for their historical importance and usefulness to beekeepers today. The collection will grow as funding allows. The texts in this digital collection are fully searchable, and will also eventually become part of the Core Historical Literature of Agriculture (CHLA).

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  1. Bee culture (vocab = LCSH)
  2. Bees (vocab = LCSH)
  3. Beekeepers (vocab = LCSH)
  4. Beehives (vocab = LCSH)

  1. Stewart, Linda (curator)
  2. Albert R. Mann Library (owner)

  1. Hive and the Honeybee Collection website