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Basara, Mira

  1. Cornell:68 Ockham

  1. Basara, Mira

  1. 501 Olin Library, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

  1. Andrew D. White Architectural Photographs Collection image database
  2. Beyond the Taj: Architectural Traditions and Landscape Experience in South Asia image database
  3. Billie Jean Isbell Andean Collection image database
  4. Claire Holt Collection: Slides of Indonesian Art, Architecture, and Culture image database
  5. Cornell University Collection of Political Americana image database
  6. Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art image database
  7. Icelandic and Faroese Photographs of Frederick W.W. Howell image database
  8. Images from Cornell's Rare Book and Manuscript Collections image databse
  9. Kinematic Models for Design Digital Library image database
  10. Knight Visual Resources Collection image database
  11. Mysteries at Eleusis image database
  12. New York Aerial Photographs image database
  13. Utopia Collection of Renaissance Art image database
  14. Vicos Collection image database
  15. Willard Dickerman Straight and Early U.S.-Korea Diplomatic Relations image database
  16. Images from the Map Collection, Cornell University image database