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  1. Cornell:48 (Ockham)
  2. 3932532 (Voyager)


  1. Formerly known as: e-print archive

  1. is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers in physics, computer science, mathematics, and other scientific communities. Physicist Paul Ginsparg, the creator of the arXiv, joined the Cornell faculty in the fall of 2001. He and the arXiv are credited with starting a revolution in the way physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists engage in scholarly communication.

  1. CollectionText

  1. Mathematical physics (vocab = LCSH)
  2. Physics (vocab = LCSH)
  3. Mathematics (vocab = LCSH)
  4. Computational linguistics (vocab = LCSH)
  5. Nonlinear theories (vocab = LCSH)
  6. Neurosciences (vocab = LCSH)
  7. Computer science (vocab = LCSH)
  8. Biology, Experimental (vocab = LCSH)
  9. Statistics
  10. Quantitative Finance

  1. Global (vocab = none)

  1. 1991/2009

  1. Warner, Simeon (curator)
  2. Cornell University Library (owner)

  1. website
  2. OAI interface

  1. software was in-house developed at Los Alamos (1991-2001) and Cornell (since 2001). The main software is written in Perl with files stored in a simple filesystem. Metadata and user records are stored in a mysql database. Some code uses php, Java and php.

  1. ~30,000,000 full text downloads in 2008 (excluding robot accesses), ~60,000 new submissions per year, ~40,000 replacements per year