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  1. Cornell:1087 (Ockham)
  2. 5661178 (Voyager)

  1. eCommons@Cornell

  1. DSpace digital repository
  2. DSpace at Cornell University

  1. The eCommons Digital Repository is powered by DSpace and is open to anyone affiliated with Cornell University (faculty, staff, students, or groups/organizations) as a place to capture, store, index, preserve and redistribute materials in digital formats that may be useful for educational, scholarly, research or historical purposes.

  1. CollectionService

  1. Digital preservation--Specimens (vocab = LCSH)
  2. Digital libraries--Specimens (vocab = LCSH)
  3. Digital libraries--Collection development (vocab = LCSH)
  4. Communication in learning and scholarship (vocab = LCSH)
  5. Information storage and retrieval systems (vocab = LCSH)
  6. Metadata (vocab = LCSH)

  1. Ruddy, David (curator)
  2. Cornell University Library (owner)

  1. eCommons@Cornell website