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  1. Cornell:108 (Ockham)
  2. 4114727 (Voyager)

  1. SagaNet

  1. Islenskar fornbokmenntir
  2. Myndir af handritum og bokum sem gefnar voru ut fyrir ario 1901

  1. SagaNet provides digital access to the central corpus of the Icelandic Saga literature. Scholars and researchers worldwide are able to access online full texts/images of Icelandic saga literature and epics, handwritten and printed. Created through the combined efforts of the National and University Library of Iceland, the Arni Magnusson Institute in Iceland, and Cornell University Library, which owns the Fiske Icelandic Collection.

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  1. Sagas--Databases (vocab = LCSH)
  2. Old Norse prose literature--Databases (vocab = LCSH)
  3. Old Norse poetry--Databases (vocab = LCSH)
  4. Eddas--Databases (vocab = LCSH)
  5. Manuscripts, Old Norse--Databases (vocab = LCSH)
  6. Manuscripts, Icelandic--Databases (vocab = LCSH)

  1. Stevens, Patrick (curator)
  2. Cornell University Library (owner)

  1. SagaNet website

  1. Number of manuscripts: 240,000 - 153,000 printed pages